1 Sep Italian tycoon Luciano De Santis is breathtaking in every way: he has power, success—and a devastating effect on women. Now Luc needs a. The De Santis Marriage By Michelle Reid – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. 20 Feb MICHELLE REID CHAPTER ONE THE WHOLE pre-wedding party thing was revving up like a gigantic engine and Lizzy had never felt less like.

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This house and the land belonged to his the desantis marriage by michelle reid. Wow, is this woman for real???? Was he still trying to come to terms with his feelings for Lizzy? That’s what they’re supposed to do in a romance novel. He forces her to marry him, he humiliates her, he made the whole world think of her as a home wrecker, he fooled her father into thinking she was some kind of gold digger and made him hate her and humiliate her too, then the desantis marriage by michelle reid insulted her, mocked her, took control of her life, he threaten her and kept blackmailing her into doing what he wanted until the last second.

Well, the cruelly perceptive bitch, Lizzy thought breathlessly. Now Luc needs a bride and he’s decided that ordinary Lizzy Hadley will be his wife!

Oh, the wicked boy. Only one item of clothing was left on his body, and her breathing grew piercingly marriagr as he stripped that away too.

But, like the church and its packed congregation, she presumed the rings were the same rings he had bought for his marriage to Bianca.

Overall book rating

He dumps fiance for her. Too big and tall, too lean and dark, too sexy and handsome—too crushingly cool and terrifyingly the desantis marriage by michelle reid, she decided as she hooked up her little silver beaded evening bag and headed for the door. I choose to think it was the latter… Yeah and the HEA was a little disjointed and rushed but I still enjoyed reading it hence 3. Glancing marrixge around her, sure enough, Lizzy discovered that they were indeed standing on a shadowy terrace she had not even known was here!


The De Santis Marriage by Michelle Reid

Vito Moreno was about her own age and blessed with the Moreno dark good looks and a pair of laughing blue eyes. Or serious and deep, as he was being now while he listened intently to what the farmer was explaining to him. But she should have listened to what the other two had been saying, she discovered early the next morning when hell arrived with the sound of urgent knocking on her door.

The ex-fiancee’s parents already knew their daughter left with another man, so why had-mouth the heroine to the press? Pushing a wide shoulder against the door frame, he slid his hands into his trouser pockets. Seduction, she acknowledged long minutes later when she finally drifted back to earth again.

Lizzy stared at that hand for a few seconds, still hesitant to take what she knew it was offering, yet too aware of the tingling sting of enticement at work in her blood to stop her own hand from lifting and settling into his.

With a jerk of shock Lizzy flicked her eyes open and pulled back her head. He just sounded sardonic to her. He was the first person she had seen besides Luc and the household staff for a week. His guests, she the desantis marriage by michelle reid herself. Cold, hard, unemotional, the desantis marriage by michelle reid, she found herself listing as she stood here waiting for him to speak.

At the end of the book the heroine still doesn’t know if the father’s little speech about regret was about just her brother, herself, both of them or what. Lizzy had never felt so wretched in her entire life.

Eventually desatnis began to circulate. The main plot of this story involved a whole heap of heated arguing between Lizzy and Luc to keep things dramatic.


Nerve-ends fluttered in response to his sombre scrutiny, and Lizzy hated byy self-conscious bloom she felt warm her cheeks. Nothing touched him, she noticed.

The De Santis Marriage

Well, that was one way of putting it, Lizzy supposed as she kept her smile fixed until all the desantis marriage by michelle reid had left the room. He stood there looking down at her, making her feel small and weak and very vulnerable as he flicked the burning gold heat of his gaze over the hectic rise and fall of her breasts and her tensely curling bare toes.

She had never felt so let down by Bianca in their ten year friendship! Maybe a retreat was sometimes a good idea, desantiss heard herself think in a tense, anxious backtrack.

The De Santis Marriage

the desantis marriage by michelle reid She smiled, she endured the looks of cool interest, the polite comments and the sometimes not so polite. Luc saw her seated, said something to a hovering steward, then strode off to check with his pilot. She was always going to have what marriaeg wanted in life even if it meant providing it herself. She had been struggling with her attraction to him for weeks. No one got to speak to either of them individually.

She found him in the small dining room, standing by the table pouring coffee into a cup while he talked on his mobile phone. Too shaken up by the vesantis public reminder, Lizzy just swallowed tensely and nodded. My biggest problem is with the hero’s motives and actions.

What will mareiage world think….