of Transportation. Federal Aviation. Administration. FAA Form , Airman Certification. And/or Rating Application. Supplemental Information and Instructions. M. Do you now hold, or have you ever held an FAA Pilot Certificate? Yes No . FAA Form () Supersedes Previous Edition NSN: You are going to fill out the FAA Form for your Military Competency (Mil Comp) to. Flight Instructor certificate application by using the IACRA online.

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Then, enter the appropriate category of training such as initial, upgrade, or transition. However, if other deficient daa are noted during the reexamination, these would also be the basis for failure of the test. Discussion in ‘ Flight Faa form 8710-1 ‘ started by JasonFaa form 8710-1 7, For large, complex aircraft, the oral test can normally be accomplished in approximately 2 hours. This provision has been made in the interest of fairness and does not mean that instruction or practice is permitted during the certification process.

Applicants should follow the instructions for completing FAA application forms carefully to preclude flrm excessive number of airman certification paperwork files from being returned by AFS for correction.

Aircraft to be used Faa form 8710-1 Flight test is required. Inspectors must be qualified in the aircraft. Inspectors should review the front side of the application form as follows: If more than one aircraft was used, all aircraft must be listed faa form 8710-1 all registration numbers provided.

If the flight test will be conducted in two for, full flight simulator Foorm and aircraftthe block should be left blank faa form 8710-1 the applicant takes the aircraft portion of the test.

Jul 27, Messages: When pilot or instructor certificate applicants present forms of identification that are unacceptable, inspectors and examiners should be alert for any indication of fraudulent or altered forms of identification or other irregularity that may indicate an attempt by the applicant to falsely represent faw or her identity. If the city is unknown, enter the county and state. Application forms are designed for computer processing of information. If another FSDO is handling the enforcement investigation, forward any evidence needed for the enforcement report.



The FSDO managers decide which office is responsible for carrying out the enforcement action. Under this new rule, an airman certificate or rating may be denied to an individual who has had two faa form 8710-1 more alcohol- or drug-related motor vehicle convictions or state motor vehicle actions within a 3-year period. These individuals have been vetted a faa form 8710-1 of nearly 6. Enter six numeric-character digits in this space.

Get the faa 8710 2014 form

If this occurs, the airman has no reissuance rights other than passing all knowledge and practical tests. If application is made faa form 8710-1 [ indicate date 60 days from date of letter ], this faa form 8710-1 may be used to show the following portions of the practical test which have been completed satisfactorily: I have personally Instructed the applicant and consider this person ready to take the test.

The documents must arrive at the FSDO before the flight instructor certificate expires to ofrm accepted for renewal.

The notice of disapproval shall state that the application was denied because of a narcotics conviction. Make sure the numbers are not transposed.

If the date of final conviction is less than 1 year before the date of application, the inspector or examiner may not continue with the examination. In faa form 8710-1 case of an applicant that resides on a boat, the boat document number or vessel registration number must be provided.

Enter the name as shown on the faa form 8710-1 certificate. If the flight test will be conducted in two segments FSTD and aircraftleave the space blank until the applicant takes the aircraft portion of the test.

Flight Management and Crew Coordination Skills.

Ensure faa form 8710-1 the block designating the type of certificate for which the application is being made is checked. Choose from the following: If you wear a wig or toupee, enter the color of your hair under the wig or toupee. Under this new rule, an airman certificate or rating may be denied to an individual who has had two or more alcohol- or drug-related motor vehicle convictions or state motor vehicle actions within a 3-year period.


Before the flight test, inspectors and examiners should determine by agreement with the applicant whether or not to continue the faa form 8710-1 test after a failed event. Have the airman sign the appropriate affidavit as outlined in Volume 5, Chapter 2, Section 5. This should only be checked when a rating is being added to an existing certificate. District offices should also brief examiners on these procedures during regular examiner surveillance, annual examiner meetings, or other examiner contacts.

There may be exceptions, and the inspector should be as accommodating as possible. Box should faa form 8710-1 exceed 17 characters, including spaces.

An inspector or examiner may choose to limit attendance at the debriefing to only the applicant.

FAA Investigation Form | Pilots of America

Ensure that both the make and model of the aircraft faa form 8710-1 be used are entered. Applicants should be encouraged to answer in faa form 8710-1 same manner. Paragraphs through ClarkApr 7, If flight experience has no bearing on the certificate action, such as exchange of certificate, it is not necessary to include flight experience on the application. Before the flight simulator segment and aircraft segment of a flight test, inspectors and examiners shall brief applicants on what will be expected of them during the flight test.